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A bit anticlimactic… October 31, 2008

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So, the nonprofit is bringing me on as a per diem.

Initially, I was disappointed. I wanted to walk out with a job that would enable me to go to the Fashion Emporium and say, “Here’s my notice! Miss me!” Instead I walked out with a job that enables me to work, if I want to give up my days off from the Fashion Emporium…assuming their need for a per diem and my days off coincide.

I was assured that everyone loves me, and wants me to work there, but at this point in time: there are no full-time openings. There are some in the pipeline, but no one knows how far out. It could be next week. Could be next year. D told me that if we bring me onboard as a per diem now, get me in the rotation, get me trained across all chaplaincy sites, then I’ve got a major inside track when those openings come up.

So the next step is to get trained.

Initially, I was disappointed. But upon further reflection, this might be for the best. As much as I want to NOT be working retail for another Christmas season, this will continue our cheap insurance while I get additional training that makes me more marketable as a chaplain. The training is all paid, so that’s nice.

Plus, if I get into this at this point and realize that chaplaining is NOT for me, or if a church should express interest in this time: I can walk away with no harm, no foul.

So I’m disappointed over all, glad that there is forward movement and that the nonprofit really wants me, and optimistic that things will work out in the end. Maybe just not as fast as I wanted them to.

Which, you know: damn.


How did we have presidential elections without YouTube? October 29, 2008

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I love this clip. It’s really well done, and while you probably think you know who the people in the clip are voting for: it’s not a sure thing, and this can be taken to speak to either party. Which is what makes me love it everso.

And from our friends up in the frozen hinterlands of Alaska:

I am beyond caring who you are going to vote for. At this point, nothing would change my mind (heh, thanks to early voting, even if my mind DID change it’s too late…) so I have to offer you the same courtesy. But please, for the love of God, if you are red or if you are blue or if you are purple: get out and vote. It’s so fucking amazing that we’re given this right. Don’t treat it like it doesn’t matter. USE IT. Otherwise we might lose it.


The Umpteenth Update…thanks for hanging in there! October 27, 2008

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I meet with the Chaplain Director on Friday to discuss what the Chaplain Committee told him, and “discuss the next steps” for me. I’m nervous. He’s chatted with M (he adores M) and M insists that I’ve got NOTHING to worry about, but: I still do. I don’t think M knows anything–he just knows D, so he knows his language. So, come Friday, it SHOULD all be settled, one way or another.

In other news: today we took the girls to a local pumpkin patch. It’s a GORGEOUS crisp, fall day. Perfect pumpkin patching weather. We got there, and sort of wandered around a little bit…nobody said anything to us, so we played on the hay bale pyramids, did the hay bale maze, spent some time in the petting zoo, wandered out to the pumpkin patch and generally enjoyed ourselves hugely.

We finally went inside the large country store that’s on the property and asked how we went about getting a pumpkin paid for–we hadn’t had anyone offer to help us out with that. Turns out? They wanted $6 a person to go out and play on the hay bale pyramid, the hay bale maze, the petting zoo, and a hay ride out to the punkin patch. Then you could pick out your pumpkin, get a hay ride back to the store and pay for your pumpkin.

I smiled, and said, “Thank you very much.” And we left. I didn’t see much point in paying $24 bucks for something we’d just done for free, when I can get two pumpkins at WalMart for a lot less than $24.



So, um, yeah…Rose’s Mom Sarah? October 24, 2008

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In regards to that comment I left about how great my girls are and how we’ve had ZERO sibling rivalry? Apparently Linnea was just waitingย for me for me to write that down, so that I have documentation of my wrongness.

This week has gotten chilly, so I got out Nea’s old 18-month cold weather clothes for Sarah. The problem is that because Linnea is tiny, she remembers wearing these clothes, because it wasn’t all that long ago that they were HER clothes.

This has led to several mornings of pitched battles, as I try and convince her that she can not fit into those pants, they aren’t hers anymore, and that now they belong to Sarah. Add to the mix Sarah, who learned the words “no!” and “mine!” about a week ago, pulling on the garment and shouting those two words at the top of her little lungs, and you’ve got a dream morning.

Kids. Just as soon as you get all smug about your parenting skills, they pull the smug rug right out from underneath you.


Sorry, sorry… October 19, 2008

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So, I had my interview Tuesday at 4PM, and Tuesday at about 6:30PM I threw my back out. I’ve been pretty much in constant pain since then, and couch- or bed-bound since Thursday. Here endeth my explaination of no update. ๐Ÿ˜‰

It went well. Nobody hugged me at the end of it, and I had a really hard time getting any sort of feedback or response from the committee (which was hugely frustrating), but M reminded me that these people have an incredible amount of training in passive listening. Which is pretty much what they did. I did manage to make the sternest one laugh a lot, and they did say I asked excellent questions, but I didn’t ever have a moment where I thought, “Yep. I nailed it.” like I did in my other interviews. So: we’ll see. M, who knows these guys way better than I do, said he thinks I nailed it. I said that I was pretty sure since I let him play with my boobies on a semi-regular basis, he was require to be supportive of me outside boobie play time.

But it wasn’t a trainwreck or anything–it actually probably went really well, but coming on the heels of a job interview where I got hugged at the end of it sort of makes the subsequent interview seem a little lackluster, you know?

So now: I wait. Some more. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sarah–I laughed so hard at your “Instant Asshole” shirt comment that I snorted. It was a good thing you commented, because I was considering just such a shirt. ๐Ÿ˜‰

SaraJoy–I wore some twill pants in a deep olive, an ivory lace shell, and a red jean-jacket style jacket. It was cute, but not over the top Fashion Emporium. I was by far the best dressed person there–which is how I’d rather have it be, as the interviewee. I have a feeling if I get the job, I’ll up the fashion ante by a bit. ๐Ÿ˜‰

It occurs to me, as I write out my answers to questions, that I know a LOT of Sara/hs…


Tomorrow at 4PM… October 13, 2008

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I meet with my chaplain committee. These are the guys (and gals) that will recommend to the directors whether or not I would make a good chaplain–or have the potential to make a good chaplain.

I’ve met one of the committee members before. He would be the one overseeing my progression towards certification as a chaplain, should I decide to pursue that route (and if I take this job: I’m pretty much deciding to pursue that route). I’ve met one other only very briefly, and the rest M speaks very highly of.

I’m freaking out about what to wear…


It’s a train wreck, and I can’t look away October 10, 2008

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I want to, but can’t.

First, were the sickening McCain-Palin rallies, where people were whipped into a frenzy and shouted “terrorist” and “kill him” in regards to Obama. Palin, very carefully never mentioning Obama by name, reigned over these rallies with a broad smile on her face, assuring her audience that Obama “isn’t like us”.

Now, the Troopergate report has been released finding that Palin abused her power as governor. I’m sure there are people who will be surprised by this finding. I’m not one of them.

McCain was at a town hall meeting in Lakeville, Minnesota and was actually BOO’D by his supporters when he actually defended Obama as a good man, an outstanding father, and someone that no one needed to fear as a President. Obama is “not like us”.

These two people and their political machine have turned this election into one of fear, lies, and deceit of the American people. We fell for it four years ago. I pray to God that we won’t fall prey to it again. We deserve better than this. We ought to go to our polling places and demand better than this.

I believe that Sarah Palin is finally telling the truth. Obama is not an American like she is. And that’s precisely why I’m voting for him.


It’s October 10th, so….

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…Happy Birthday, Julia!

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Jooooooooooooooooooooooleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
Happey Birthday to you!

Muchas smooches, my friend! I miss you!

Party like its the first time!

Party like it's the first time!



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So, I’m kicking off my first day off in 10 days. I’m at the ‘puter, got NPR on the radio, coffee brewing, husband, children, and parents have left the house: I’mย a happy camper. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve got a chit-ton of stuff to do today. We’re having a garage sale tomorrow. I’m selling all our baby gear. Which has been a bit of crisis for me, watching the fishy swing (God, Linnea LOVED that thing! She spent hours and hours and hours in it…it literally saved her colicky little butt, because when I didn’t know what else to do with 8 pounds of screaming newborn: into the fishy swing she went); Sarah’s pink Boppy papa san-type chair (it was so soft, and I didn’t have anything pink, since all our baby gear was gender neutral, but when I saw this little seat I wanted the PINK one. It had the mother’s heartbeat sound, and she would snuggle down in there, and just sleeeeeeeeeep. SO sweet); the baby bathtubs, the Pack ‘n Play, the baby stroller all be relegated to the “sell” pile. I told M, “I don’t particularly want another baby, but I’m really sad we won’t have another baby.” He just grinned at me and said, “And if we do, we’ll get new stuff!” He drives me crazy. He really does. One day he’s talking about getting “tutored” and the next day he pops off with something like that. Give a girl’s ovaries some consistency, willya? ๐Ÿ˜‰ We’re selling a TON of baby clothes, a lot of Fashion Emporium stuff, some household goods, M’s XBox (yes, the green-eyed HoBox is going up for grabs…), and other things that I decreed could go, since we hadn’t needed it, used it, or missed it in a year. We’re keeping our books (since we purged those pretty ruthlessly in the move), our kitchen supplies, and our art, and that’s about it, except for furniture.

Seeing our stuff again? Makes me miss having our own place.

Watching what’s happening on Wall Street? Makes me glad we’re coming to a better place financially and can help Mom and Dad the way they’ve helped us the last year.


A committee of other chaplains has been convened. None of the people I had hoped would be on there, but M says they are actually better people to have on the committee, as they are sort of the “senior” members of the chaplaincy staff. They’ve been chaplains a long time, the directors trust them to give a good recommendation, and M thinks they’re all fabulous people. Now, we just have to coordinate the schedules of five adults who work full-time. Granted, they can leave their work in the middle of the day in order to interview me, but since my boss doesn’t know that I’m actively searching for another job: my schedule is the stickler. And when I’ve got schedules when I don’t have a day off in ten days? Not so easy to schedule around.

So, there’s movement, and it’s good movement, and it probably does seem like it’s taking a long time, but really: this has all gone down in less than a month, which is pretty darn quick for religious types. ๐Ÿ™‚ My goal is to not being Fashion Emporiuming it at Thanksgiving. That’s what I want.

The retail environment is tough right now. Our store is doing pretty well, all things considered. We’re consistently in the black, but it’s harder and harder to get there and stay there. When times are tight, women don’t want to/can’t spend $100 on a jacket or $90 on a blouse, or $80 on a pair of pants. And we can argue that our clothing will last longer than the $20 pants they buy at Penney’s, but it’s easier to come up with $20 now and worry about needing new pants when you need new pants than it is to come up with $80 and say, “Pants, forsooth! I’m set for pants for the next 8 years!” Plus, women are starting to get just plain bitchy! The other night I had to take an $888 RETURN on merchandise she’d already worn and had owned for 2+ years. Her excuse? She didn’t like it. We’ve got a “no problem” return policy, and so I had to take all that clothing back, because she had all her receipts. And she’s not the only one pulling this shit, she’s just been the ballsiest and gotten the most money back. What’s wrong with people?

So, I’m ready to be out. Be done. Not have to stand on my feet for 8 hours a day. Not have to smile and say, “Please come see us again!” after handing over most of the contents of my cash register to a woman who (as far as I’m concerned) just robbed me. Not have to be held accountable for every penny I made (or didn’t make) in my shift. Because what I want to do is be with people.

A customer of ours lost her husband to cancer. She came into the store, and I went over to her and expressed my deep condolences, and gave her a hug. She called home office and raved about how I make our store “the store with heart”. I had a customer come in to order a dress for a wedding, and I asked her a simple question (where would she like to have the dress sent) and she started to unload about how she was taking care of her parents who were very ill, and how her mother has dementia, and her dad’s head was bleeding and nearly exploded, and how while she was up in Seattle with her dad, her mother fell and broke her hip quite badly. She went on and on and on and on about her life, and I just let her talk and get it out. Then I asked a very “pastoral care-y” question, “Who is taking care of you in all this?” and she stopped cold, looked at me, and started to cry. She said, “No one has ever asked me that before.” And then, once again, I’m left with a customer crying in my arms on the sales floor.ย  I had a daughter of a customer call yesterday. Her mother had died, and she wanted her mother removed from the Fashion Emporium mailing list. I explained that we couldn’t do that at the store level, but gave her the customer service number. Then we stayed on the phone while she cried, and talked about how much we at the Fashion Emporium meant to her mother, and how much joy visiting our store brought her, and how the daughter just couldn’t believe how kind I’d been to her.

THAT’S what I want to be doing. Not selling pants. And I think that God has given me this slew of ministry opportunities to highlight that fact, and to keep me sane in my job. It’s like he’s saying, “Yes, Beege, I know, you’re tired of selling pants and you want to get back into ministry. You keep bringing that up, and really: I’ve got it. I’m working on it, but in the meantime, here: take care of these ladies for me, OK? That’s a good girl.”

OK. Coffee’s been done for awhile, and those baby clothes ain’t pricing themselves out there. I’d better get to work. Enjoy your Friday–I’m planning on enjoying mine! ๐Ÿ™‚


So, um… October 8, 2008

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…I’m voting for “That One”.