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A bit anticlimactic… October 31, 2008

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So, the nonprofit is bringing me on as a per diem.

Initially, I was disappointed. I wanted to walk out with a job that would enable me to go to the Fashion Emporium and say, “Here’s my notice! Miss me!” Instead I walked out with a job that enables me to work, if I want to give up my days off from the Fashion Emporium…assuming their need for a per diem and my days off coincide.

I was assured that everyone loves me, and wants me to work there, but at this point in time: there are no full-time openings. There are some in the pipeline, but no one knows how far out. It could be next week. Could be next year. D told me that if we bring me onboard as a per diem now, get me in the rotation, get me trained across all chaplaincy sites, then I’ve got a major inside track when those openings come up.

So the next step is to get trained.

Initially, I was disappointed. But upon further reflection, this might be for the best. As much as I want to NOT be working retail for another Christmas season, this will continue our cheap insurance while I get additional training that makes me more marketable as a chaplain. The training is all paid, so that’s nice.

Plus, if I get into this at this point and realize that chaplaining is NOT for me, or if a church should express interest in this time: I can walk away with no harm, no foul.

So I’m disappointed over all, glad that there is forward movement and that the nonprofit really wants me, and optimistic that things will work out in the end. Maybe just not as fast as I wanted them to.

Which, you know: damn.


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