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You’d think a king-sized comforter would be large enough to cover 3.5 humans and 30 lbs of domestic feline… December 7, 2006

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…but it’s not.

And baby? It’s COLD outside. I was going to go walking and run some errands today,but I’m thinking with windchills well below zero, that today, if I go out at all: it’s in the car. Brrrrrrrrr.

So we got some unexpected good news last night. Once I got all knocked up, we put our names on the list for a 3-bedroom apartment. There’s a limited number of them in the complex, and you HAVE to have 2 or more children to even think about asking for one. I worked in the housing office and so I have connections, but even those connections couldn’t get us into a 3-bedroom without a bun in my oven. Once we were on the list, we were told it would be June probably before there would be one opening up.

One is opening up in mid-January, and we apparently were the first names on the waiting list. Naturally, we snapped that sucker up like it was a freaking diamond, and I was unable to get to sleep last night because I’m frantically planning a move that will take place in a month’s time (give or take). We’ll have two bathrooms…we’ll have an actual study for M (instead of the ridiculous little closety thing he uses now)…we’ll have a PLAYROOM for Nea to store her ridiculous amount of toys in…PLUS: each of our girls will have their own room…our room will be bigger…it’s just all good. The only snag is that right now we’re directly across from the communal laundry room. When we move we’ll be as far away from it as we can be and still be in the same complex. I’m not looking forward to having to haul laundry all that way, but M pointed out that laundry is sort of his gig and if HE wasn’t upset about it, I shouldn’t be either. Duely noted.

I’m not sure I’m looking forward to packing and unpacking a move in my 3rd trimester, but I’m certain I’d rather do it in the 3rd trimester than with a newborn baby in tow. And this way we can be all settled and ready when the baby gets here…we’ve currently got the crib, etc. in a storage unit we’ll lose when we leave this place, but because Sarah will have her own room, we can just go ahead and store her stuff in it. Maybe even get crazy and set it up so that I’m not driving M nuts at the end of his semester pestering him to put up the crib. The end of the semester is always such a fun time to have to deal with a pestering wife with a hormonally-driven nesting instinct.

And, as excited as I am about moving, I’m also sort of sad to leave this place. We’ve done a lot of work on it…put indirect lighting in the kitchen, we’ve gotten a new fridge and a new furnace and a new tub surround. We–read I–have put in a lot of effort to make our place look like something other than student housing, and I think I’ve succeed because the guy who’s run the complex for 25 years says he’s never seen an apartment look as good as we’ve made this one look. We’ve even had the board of directors come through and check it out.

So, while I know the 3-bedroom is going to be so SWEET for us, and that we’ll have that one looking good, too, (or rather, *I* will have that one looking good, too), I look around and think, “Man. I hate to have to dismantle this.”

But then I go into Nea’s toy-tornado room and think, “Whooo! Let’s get to dismantling!” 🙂


So here’s someone I’d like to be friends with December 6, 2006

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 While decorating our Christmas tree yesterday, I put RENT in the DVD player to keep me company while I worked.

I realized anew just how big a fan I am of Jesse L. Martin. He’s good looking, he’s talented, he can sing like nobody’s business, and he seems like someone who would be so much fun to hang out with.

So if Jesse L’s people are skimming the web for information on what people are saying about him, tell him Beege says, “Hey!” and “Keep up the good work!”  (and also mention that if my photo cutting and pasting didn’t work right, I’m sorry the photo is wonkie.)

Some of you may (or may not) notice I’ve got a new buddy on my blogroll. Unequivocally Moe–she and I were schoolmates (sort of) and worked in the same office (sort of) and I’ve known her for quite a few years. She’s got a great blog, and writes with an honesty that I hope hasn’t bitten her in the butt yet (hasn’t seemed to). Check her out, tell her Beege sent you. 😉

Now I have to go. M made dinner tonight–frozen pizza and a bagged caesar salad. I’m in heaven because I didn’t have to make it, and he’s in heaven because something so ridiculously easy to prepare sounded good to me. M is a fabulous cook–all you single ladies, MARRY A MAN WHO COOKS. It’s the best thing I ever did.


Pink? Blue? Pinkish blue? December 5, 2006

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Pink. 🙂

In 19 weeks, give or take, I will be the mother of both Linnea Francesca and Sarah Elisabeth.

Sarah is perfect–small, but not any smaller than her sister was, and neither M or I are big people, so small babies make sense to me. Probably particularly since I’m the one that has to squeeze them out! She has ten fingers, ten toes, a nice brain, nice kidneys, and a spine that looks like a string of pearls. When they first found her on the ultrasound, she was resting quietly (after beating the crap out of me all night long!) with her hands folded in front of her face, as though she was praying.

At first we laughed, because, dude: she’s a double pastor’s kid. But at the same time I got all throat-lumpy and verclempt because I’ve known from the very beginning that this baby is God’s baby. We weren’t trying for her, she just happened. And early on, when we could have lost her so many times, but didn’t: I knew God was keeping a special eye on my sweet tiny babe. He loves her, and I love Him for that. As a child of God, it means a great deal to me to know the promises that He has made to me…but somehow it means more to know that He’s also claimed my girls as His own, because I know that no matter what this life brings them, because they are His: they will be OK.

And now I’m just sort of crying all over the place, because laying there in the darkened room, marveling at my daughter on the ultrasound screen, and feeling M squeeze my hand as we watched her move; and then later, when Nea burst in the front door after preschool and vaulted into my arms I realized (again) just how fucking good God is to me. Sadly, I seem to forget it pretty easily, but every so often, I have a day like today where the blessings just keep cracking me across my forgetful head so that I can’t ignore them and I walk around one Hallmark commercial away from losing it entirely.

Thank God I’m visibly pregnant, so as I walk weeping through the mall, nobody gives me weird looks. Well, not a lot anyway.


P-R-O-C-R-A-S-T-I-N-A-T-I-O-N December 4, 2006

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I’m supposed to be tidying the living room in so that we can put the Christmas tree up. But I’m in the office, blogging, reading bulletin boards, checking email–anything I can think of to avoid tidying up the living room. Which is foolish in the extreme, because I’ll be chapped if we don’t get to put the tree up tonight and I’ll have NO ONE but myself to blame.  *sigh* I’m just not up to facing our living room after getting sick immediately after getting home from a long trip…we still have suitcases out there.

 M went and spent the morning studying in the library, and Linnea and I went and picked him up to bring him some lunch. I took her into the library with me, and we went into the seventh floor of the stacks and found M at his desk. I had warned Nea that she needed to be very very quiet, because we were going into the library. She did pretty well, until we got back down to the main floor, where she looked up at her father, grinned, and then shouted, “Daddy! Did you know we’re in the liberry? Dat means we have to be quiet!”

Thank God she’s so damn cute, because otherwise we’d never be allowed to return anywhere.

I’m also all set to go on the salt dough ornament project. Cool metallic colored paint in brilliant jewel tones has been purchased, along with paint brushes and ModgePodge to seal them up. The problem I’ve run into is now I’ve got these visions of what sort of ornaments I want to make, and I’m pretty sure that they’re not going to look anything like what Linnea produces, so I’m sort of tempted to not include her in the fun. How horrid is that?! I know, I know: I’m going to burn, burn, burn. I know that I will include her in the fun. There’s no point in any of the “kid friendly” tree stuff if she’s not going to be involved, but I find I’m having trouble letting go of my deeply hidden, usually bound and gagged in a corner, inner Martha Stewart.


O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree

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So, I’m totally jazzed because today, FINALLY, we’re going to put up the Christmas tree. I meant to do it much earlier than this–well, not actually much earlier. It’s only December 4th, afterall. But shortly after returning home from Mom and Dad’s we got hit by the Phlegm Plague from Hell (which, as I explained to a friend, is actually redundant because where else would a Phlegm Plague come from?) and we spent a large chunk of last week, laying on the couch with Linnea laying on top of us, coughing and hacking and comparing the size/color of our lung biscuits. Nea, who had the Phlegm Plague at Mom and Dad’s was irritatingly healthy, but thank God she was lulled into an unblinking hypnotic state by the four DVDs she got at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

 So today: we’re feeling good. Feeling good! Got up and took a shower, yes I did! Of course, when Linnea hugged me this morning and said, “Mama? Your shirt smells like yogurt! It makes me hungry!”I decided that “taking a shower” needed to move up to first order of business for the day, instead of third or fourth. Nea and I are going to venture forth into the frigid outdoors in order to find her a winter coat and some snowboots that fit. Here’s hoping we can find some at Once Upon a Child, just because I’m really not wanting to pay full-price for items that expensive that she wears for two or three months and then never fits into again.

We’re also going to make some ornaments for our tree. We had this grand vision of having an origami crane tree–and that will still happen–but I just thought it would be fun for Nea and I to make dough ornaments as well. I’m unrepentantly stealing this idea from Poppy , whose little girl is two weeks younger than Nea and they seemed to have quite a good time with it. I think I’m probably trying to ease some of the guilt I feel for making her basically forage for herself for the last five days–she’s been SO freaking bored! We can paint them pretty colors, ruin some clothes, listen to “John Denver and the Muppets” Christmas CD…it will be grand. Well, in theory. We’ll see what comes out in practice.

And tomorrow, I have my “Pink or Blue?” ultrasound, providing this kid cooperates and flashes us like a good little heathen. I’m sort of freaking out…this doc is so much more cautious than the OB I had with Linnea. She’s worried about my weight (I’m losing, just like I did with Nea) and the baby is small (by about a week, just like Nea). My other OB never worried about any of that. Coupled with early complications I had this time around, I’m pretty well convinced that something HORRIBLE will be discovered tomorrow. And I’m having a tough time talking myself down from the ledge, so to speak. Although, M and I spent a precious half hour in bed last night, and he was able to feel little Q bouncing around in there. I didn’t know if she was moving strongly enough for that yet or not, but apparently: she is. 🙂 So, I suppose things won’t be as horrible as I fear…maybe.