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Where did she go? February 28, 2005

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Good Lord. L is about 13 months old (there not being 30 days in February, we have to fudge a little bit). She used to be a sweet, mellow, easy-going child. But lately she’s turned into this wailing banshee girl, who cries at the drop of a hat and who’s preferred method of communication is screeching (if she’s mad) and shrieking (if she’s not). Wha happah? Where the hell did my little girl go?

When she was first born (and colicky) I would catch myself standing at the living room windows thinking, “When is her mom going to come and pick her up?!” and then realized that I’M the mommy. I haven’t done that in about 10 months, but yesterday, I found myself doing it again.

Thank God Grama is here. She thinks everything L does is freaking amazing. Go to it Grama. I’ll be upstairs, trying to keep my ears from bleeding.


My face is as red as… February 27, 2005

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…the garnets hanging from my ears and around my neck.

So, it wasn’t King of the Hill Season 3. But it was a matched set of garnet earrings and a pendant. The boy done good. He’ll in all likelihood score tonight. 😉 Although, I am sort of wondering what’s up. I got jewlery for Christmas, for Valentine’s, and now: my birthday. All this from a guy who seemed to be completely anti-jewlery since getting me my engagement ring seven years ago. All this from a guy who couldn’t even be bothered to buy me a SANDWICH after I gave birth to L (my SIL got lovely jewlery each time she gave birth). All this from a guy who said that he wasn’t going to spend all that good money on what was basically a rock that the jewlery industry had managed to convince us was something special.

I guess I just melted his crusty old heart or something.

Today, we’re going to get me Season 3. 😉


The editor would like to post a retraction… February 26, 2005

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I decided to be very grown up (you know, like a 30 year old). I went to M and said, “I just want you to know how hurt I am that you didn’t get me anything for my birthday.” He looked at me, blinked and said, “What makes you think I didn’t get you anything?” I said, “Um, the fact that you told me you didn’t get me anything.” He said, “Oh, I was just teasing you.”

All together now: “Dammit, Dale! Don’t you know you’re supposed to wink or something?!”


“Dammit, Dale!”

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I love “King of the Hill”. I adore it. I think it’s freaking high-larious. I didn’t used to think it was so funny, but having been married for several years to a Texan (and by extension, his family) I think the show is fucking brilliant. Plus, my father-in-law sounds just like Boomhauer.

I was talking with a friend of mine who also adores KOTH, and told her how whenever M messes up I always say, “Dammit, Dale!” like Hank Hill. When I do this he knows two things: 1) He had screwed up and 2) I’m more amused than annoyed by the whole thing.

Tomorrow is my birthday. The big 3-0. The ONLY thing I asked for was KOTH, season 3 on DVD. That’s it. Is that so much to ask? No, I didn’t think so either. Except that I found out today (and had my suspicions last night, but I was drunk, so didn’t want to jump down his throat…) that he has bought me NOTHING for my birthday. Nothing. Not Season 3. Not even a freaking card. For the woman who goes all out for his birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, etc. For the woman who helps him put bread on the table, gave birth to his child, trims his eyebrows and pops the pimples on his back. For the woman who doesn’t freak out when he farts on her in bed. For the woman who patiently endures his inexplicable fascination with all things XBox, who doesn’t say (much) when the only channel we seem to get on our satellite television is “SciFi”.

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. Nuthin.

All together now: Dammit, Dale!!!!


Mmmmmm…beer February 24, 2005

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So, I sent M into town for beer. He came back with beer AND tequila AND limes. LOVE this man.

Plus, in just an hour, I’ll be able to throw myself into my father’s arms. Which is one of the best things in my world, and something that I get to experience entirely too infrequently.

So, since I have some time to kill, I thought I’d ramble a little bit. It’s my blog. It’s my perrogative. Or however you spell it. And now I have that song stuck in my head, except it’s the cool Bobby Brown version from middle school, and not the crappyazz Brittany Spears version. I’m sitting here in my home office, listening to M and Linnea playing in the living room, sipping a cold Sammy’s Light, watching a pretty nice sunset. Life here in Kans-ass isn’t entirely bad…mostly bad, but not entirely. You know, like with anything: there are trade-offs, there are compensations. No one’s life is perfect, but if you’re lucky: you get pretty close.

And tonight, as I sip my beer and watch the sunset and listen to my husband and my daughter’s laughter, and wait for my parents to come I think: yep. Pretty damn close.



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My parents are flying into Kansas City this afternoon. Then (because we live in precisely the Middle of Nowhere, Kansas) they have to rent a car and drive 2-3 hours (time varies depending upon how many farmers are moving machinery, how many trains they have to stop and wait for, and how many times my mother has to stop to go to the bathroom) to get to our house.

I’m going freaking crazy. I want them here now. I hate living so far away from them, and I hate that they only get to see their granddaughter a few times a year. They were supposed to get in around three and call us…but they haven’t yet. I hope their plane isn’t late. I hope they found the rental car place. I hope M bought some beer in town today, because I have the distinct feeling I need some for medicinal purposes.

Crap. No beer. We do have wine. But I feel a bit odd cracking into a bottle of wine all by myself this early in the day. And I think we’re saving the wine to have with dinner. Double crap. Maybe I should go into town and get beer. That would kill at least an hour, there and back. That would be sweet.

But Linnea has been Miss Fussy McCrankypants today, and I have been away at work, so M has had to deal with her fussiness. Maybe he’d like to be sent to town for beer. I’ll have to ask him.

Waiting sucks.


The Pause that Refreshes

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Today, the baby let us sleep until sunrise. This is an amazing thing. She’s inherited her paternal grandfather’s early riser gene (for which I could cheerfully throttle him). No matter how long we keep her up the night before, she’s awake between 4:30 and 5:30…and the later we keep her up, the crankier she is when she wakes up that early.

So: can I get an “AMEN!” ‘cuz the sun was up before I was this morning? Thanks…