Mairsy Dotes

"No faith is as solid as a wounded faith."

Beege Who? July 16, 2006

A mother to two gorgeous little girls, wife of a man who is really a better man than she deserves. An ordained pastor who sort of struggles with the fact that God isn’t her co-pilot, but has instead taken control of the plane and is flying like a freaking maniac. A lover of wine and Willie Nelson. A knitter of rectangular objects. One who has had to SERIOUSLY curtail her dropping of the f-bomb in order to feel like a good mother. This, my friends, is Beege in a nutshell.


One Response to “Beege Who?”

  1. Julie Says:

    I have been looking for Linnea flowers or Linnea seeds. My daughter(just turned 9 in March) and I would love to plant some in our yard, but we have been unsuccessful in finding any. I noticed your daughter was also a Linnea-have you looked for flowers with any luck? By the way, I enjoyed reading a bit of your blog-I could use a MOMCATION. I am a school teacher with 5 days off at Easter, and I am seriously considering sending my family away on their Easter vacation, while I just hide out in our house-I am never in that house by myself-ever.


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