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In the interest of saving Moe’s numb ass… September 30, 2008

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…I don’t have the job. Yet.

They didn’t realize that if I got the job, I would leave the Fashion Emporium. They thought I was just wanting to pick up some extra hours. When I explained that I was looking for other full time employment, they got very excited, which I took as a good thing.

The meeting took place between me, D (Director of Chaplains), and B (the director of the non-profit as a whole). I was nervous, because M holds B in SUCH high regard, and I know the feeling is mutual. Whenever I go into a situation like that, I worry that I will make people reevaluate M based on my behavior. It’s almost never a bad thing, but I still worry that it will be.

So, B wants us to move on to the next step in the process as quickly as possible. The next step is an interview with a group of chaplains, so they can suss me and my dedication out.

But it was a great interview. I shared a lot about my pastoral identity, and my sense of pastoral call. It felt so good to be expressing myself in that sort of language again! I cried, when relating my experience with crisis ministry. I cried not because of the various crises I’ve gotten to walk through with people, but because of how humbling it is that I have been called to walk through those times with people, and what an honor it is that God would trust me to be the one to shepherd his beloved ones through trials and sadnesses and fears and worries. I was completely embarassed. M said, “Wow. You had them at ‘I never ever cry like this.'”

So, you know. We talked. We laughed. I cried. We hugged. It was unlike any other interview I’ve been through before. But it was GOOD. And I’m quite hopeful that this will lead to some sort of full-time ministry work. Because that would be so good, I’d probably cry. Again. 🙂


If having the director hug me before she’d let me leave means I did good…

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…well, then, I guess I did good.



Working for a non-profit: Part Deux

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I leave in a few minutes for an interview with the director of the non-profit that wants me to work for them as a chaplain. I’m a little nervous…she’s a nice enough lady, I’ve met her on a couple of occasions and she ADOOOOOOOOO-O-O-ORES M, but she’s one of those directors that wield their authority with great…erm…authority. Which is good, but doesn’t make her an easy person to go to and ask for a job.

I’m dressed “not too Fashion Emporium”, per my mother’s advice. Her feeling was that Fashion Emporium would be too over the top. I hope to God she was right, because I’m going in there looking a little more casual than I would have without her input. Nice slacks, nice blouse, and a necklace. I really feel like I ought to have a jacket…but that might be the “Fashion Emporium You Must Wear Three Pieces” gospel talking.

Wish me luck! I’d REALLY like to not have to work crazy-ass retail holiday hours for a fourth year in a row…


Amazed. September 28, 2008

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Tomorrow is my tenth anniversary of being M’s girl. It’s both odd that it’s already been ten years, and odd that it’s only been ten. But regardless: it’s been the best ten years of my life.

He’s been singing me this song from the beginning. Don’t worry, Babe. I’m not going anywhere.

Shut the door.


New Look September 26, 2008

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So this is the third blog theme I’ve tried in as many days.

I like this one. I like the off-center picture of Nea in the header. I like the way the page is organized.

I think I’ll keep it.

Thanks for bearing with me through my identity crisis.


Our thought for the day

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“Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle of some kind.”

Someone from corporate has this as their tagline on their emails. I really like it. I think it contains a lot of truth. I also think it’s freaking hard.

Take last night, for instance. At 8PM (an hour before closing) a customer came in to return several items that

  1. She’d had in her closet for at LEAST three years.
  2. She had no receipt for.
  3. All but 2 of the garments had no tags left on them.

Apparently, one of my team of associates told her that there was no time limit on returns, and that OF COURSE she should bring those items in and we’d be happy to take the return. Since I couldn’t find any record of the sales, our store had to take the hit of a $400 return (yikes!) and since I couldn’t find any record of the sales, I told the customer that I would have to give her a merchandise credit. To which this woman replied, “Well….I guess that’s fair.”

What the f*ck?!? I freaking DARE her to find ANY retailer out there that would take a return on merchandise she’s had for a minimum of three years even if she DID have her receipts, much less without them. And she thinks we’re just being FAIR?! Great googly moogly. What a yatch.

I wasn’t kinder than necessary to her. I pretty much processed her return, gave her her $400 merch credit, and left my associate to deal with her pissyness.

Last week, I had a customer walk up to the register with an armload of clothing. She was dressed in clothing from the Fashion Emporium, but it was older. She announced, “I am one of your best customers. Clearly, you can see that I am, since I’m wearing your clothing right now. But I frequently get burned by Fashion Emporium, because I spend several hundred dollars and then it inevitibly goes on sale.” I nodded, “Yes, all our merchandise goes on sale at the end of the season. But if the merchandise you buy goes on sale within two weeks from the purchase date, you can come in for a price adjustment.” She shook her head and sneered, “No, it always goes on sale more like a month or so after I buy it.” I just smiled. She continued, “So, I’m wondering what you can do for me on these prices. I’m one of your best customers. What can you do for me?” Now, I’m sorry. She may have been wearing our clothing, but that doesn’t make her one of our best customers. We’ve got a small customer base. I know all our “best customers” by name, and quite a few of our “not quite best” customers by name, too. I didn’t know her. So I said, “Everything is priced as marked. Unless you have a coupon of some sort, there’s no discount that I can give you.” She looked at me and snapped, “I want to see your manager.” I said, “I AM the manager.” (God, THAT felt good.) Her demeanor immediately changed, “Oh. So there’s really nothing you can do?” Negative. “Well, I just don’t think that spending money like this on clothing is a wise decision in this economic climate.” I said, “Everyone needs to make their own decisions on how they spend their money in times like this. I would be more than happy to put these items on a 48 hour hold so that you can think about what things you want, and see what pieces would work with pieces you already own. I’ll leave you for a few minutes to think about it.” I moved away to help other customers, and overheard her talking (quite loudly) to her friend about how expensive the items were, but how much she loved them, and how much she wanted them, but how she REALLY didn’t like the prices, etc. I ignored her. Finally, she decided she’d put everything on hold. My cashier took care of that for her, and she left the building. Five minutes later, she came back, and announced she’d buy everything, but that we owed her friend a commission because her friend was the one that had talked her into buying the items. I smiled (oh so sweetly), “I’d be happy to give your friend half of the commission I make on this sale–if we worked on commission. But since we don’t, I’m afraid she and I are both out of luck.” Then she pissed and moaned about the prices a little more, bought the stuff, and our “best customer” left.

It’s INSANE. I would never, ever dream of doing what these two women did. Lord knows, I’ve got plenty of pieces in my closet that I’ve had for years and maybe only worn once or twice but it would NEVER occur to me to try and return them! And bartering? At a store like Fashion Emporium? Forget it. I don’t even barter at the Farmer’s Market. I think it’s rude, and disrespectful. If I can’t afford to shop in a store I don’t go into that store. It’s as simple as that.

But we’re going to be seeing more of that, with things going the way that they are. Fashion Emporium has great clothing, but it’s one of the more expensive stores in this area. People don’t want to have to give up their standard of living, but they aren’t able to support their standard of living any more. It’s an ugly time to be working retail. That’s why I hope my interview goes well today.

Brother, can you spare a dime?


Happiness is… September 25, 2008

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…a venti iced hazelnut mocha.

I haven’t had one for a long time–I’ve been lured away from my old favorite by the Starbuck’s Cinnamon Dulce Latte. But I ordered my standard this morning, and it’s SO good…it’s like having dessert for breakfast.

So, the world continues to go to hell in a handbasket. I couldn’t believe it when McCain wanted to postpone the debate, and I’m glad that Obama wouldn’t go for it. We NEED to hear from these two right now. I think changing the topic to from foreign policy to the economy would be a good move, but I think to suspend the presidental campaign would be a mistake. We need this process as much as we need a solution to the economic train wreck we’re all witnessing.

Who would have thought there would be a silver lining to our three years of financial death spiral? We’ve got nothing to loose, so we’re not freaking out about things. Granted, our 401k/403b are taking some hits, but we’ve got enough time for those things to recover (hopefully this will all be worked out in 30-some years). Our car is paid for, and Mom and Dad have made overtures about having us stay here with them (rather than move out to our own place) and help them cover their mortgage rather than pay rent somewhere (because there’s no way we can finance a home in this climate with our credit). It might not be a bad idea to hunker down at the old homestead, batten down the hatches, and have four adults contributing to the support of a single household, instead of 4 adults contributing to the support of 2 households. It bears thinking about, at any rate.

Speaking of finances: I have an interview tomorrow with a local nonprofit for a chaplain position. I’m hopeful it will work out. I would get to do what I really enjoy about pastoring, without having to work 6 days a week, practically every holiday, etc. I would also get to step away from the retail world, which while I’m limited to only working 40 hours a week, those 40 hours can fall pretty much anywhere at anytime, crazy hours, cranky customers, being on my feet all day…ugh. No thanks. I’m ready for a change. This job would be 8-5, M-F, the occasional on call, holidays off, weekends off, more money…nice. 🙂 So keep your fingers crossed for me. It would be SO nice to have more money to put toward our bills. Right now, I pretty much just hand over my paycheck to Miss Katie every two weeks, as a thank you for raising my children for me. With this job, I’d still be thanking Miss Katie for raising my children for me, but I’d have more money left over afterward, AND I’d have more time with those children, so hopefully Linnea would stop calling me “Miss Katie I mean Mama”.

Everytime that happens, it rips my heart out.

Here’s a funny little thing about my youngest. Boog is her own girl. I have always referred to myself as “Mama” to both girls. Linnea calls me Mama (and lately, Mom, which makes me realize that she is growing up. She informed me that when she was 7, she’d be able to drive. I told her that actually, she wouldn’t be able to drive until she was 20. She said, “Great! Then I can drive myself to my job at the plant store.” That is good news.). Boog has not called me “Mama” since she was about 10 months old. I’m “Mommy” for Boog. I’m not sure where she learned that, as no one refers to me as “Mommy”, but that’s my name for her. I love it. I love that little glimpse into her personality. And it also sort of scares me. 😉 With stubborness like that in her bones, Sarah will probably be driving at 7.

So what’s going on with you guys?