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Happy Halloween from Nea and Booooo-g! November 3, 2007

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So, here are my girls on their first Halloween at Grandma’s house. Nea had never been trick or treating before, and (initially) I thought, “Oh, I’ll take her to two or three houses on the cul de sac and then we’ll head home.” except *I* was having too much fun to stop after just one or two houses. We did the block. She got candy, I got props on how cute my kid is: everybody wins!

Sarah did not go with us. She donned her costume for the photoshoot, then pitched a diva-fit, and refused to wear the ladybug getup another minute longer. I think she might be America’s Next Top Model. 😉

 We are all moved and settled. The move was rather uneventful, if long–which is exactly what you want when your husband who hates to drive is piloting a 26′ moving van crammed full of all your earthly possessions. We had an exciting few minutes going over Homestake pass outside of Butte, Montana. It was snowing and icy, and we saw two semis that were just wrecked, in the eastbound lane, and then about 1/4 of a mile beyond that was a car up on it’s side and on FIRE. Urlp.

Luckily, Nea didn’t notice a thing–lulled into a quasi-vegitative state by her DVD player and the new copy of “Stuart Little” we’d bought her. Mom, M, and I were all a little jelly-legged when we got down off the mountain, but we never slipped, slid, or anything. It was so odd. Granted, once M caught sight of the first semi, he slowed down to roughly the speed of smell, so I think that had a lot to do with our making it through the pass unscathed.

I’ve started working, which is good, and strange because the store is much slower than any other store I’ve worked at. The leadership team is good, though, and I think I’ll enjoy working there. I’ll certainly enjoy the health insurance that comes with the job, so no complaining there. 🙂

 Living with my parents again is odd…I miss having our own space. But this is helping us pay down our medical bills more quickly, so I’m grateful to Mom and Dad for offering us this breathing space. It’s just a little strange. I’m SO used to it just being M the girls and me…four extra hands can be a blessing, but also an adjustment.

So that’s where we’re at. Thanks to Mojavi for coming and poking me in my lazy butt to get on here and get updated. 😉 Since I have to blog from the living room, I won’t blog much until I get a wireless card in my laptop–then I can blog as much as I want without tying up the computer.