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Ahhhh…so relaxed… August 22, 2009

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Things I have done so far on my Momcation:

*Discovered that cork poppers are freaking expensive, and that it’s much cheaper to just go ahead and buy a box of wine. I’ve also discovered that box wines are not too shabby. I’ve certainly had worse wines out of bottles. In addition, I’ve discovered that the Coke glass McDonald’s handed out with their extra value meals hold a lot of wine. I had two of them last night, and boy howdy: felt it!

*I’ve gotten to do some writing, which was fabulous. I haven’t written beyond my blog for…God, MONTHS. I’m working on a story about Mary Magdalene. I’ve been working on it for a long time…well before the Magdalene was trendy, and then once she got trendy I kind of put it away because if there’s anything I want to NOT be, it’s an author of a bandwagon trend. Magdalenemania seems to have calmed down a little bit, so I’ve got it back out and dusted it off. Got rid of some of it, kept some of it. Got other ideas for the story. Discovered that I need to write with a specific soundtrack in mind. It’s been good.

*Slept in. Until I woke up. Hogged the whole bed. Didn’t have to fight for covers (or fight to get rid of them). Didn’t have to get up even ONCE. Didn’t have a small orange cat sleeping on my head.  Didn’t have any body trying to snuggle me–2, 5, or 36 years old.

*I have consumed three bowls of Crunch Berries, which is my cereal guilty pleasure. It has probably been years since I’ve eaten them, and I had forgotten how much they cut the crap out of your mouth. Tasty, but dangerous.

*For dinner, I will be making myself chicken marsala, which I love, but no one else in my family does.

*I went into town this morning and did a little mall walking (keeping up on the 30 minutes a day!). Managed to buy a nice little “Thank You” negligee for M. Went into Vic’s Secret and NO ONE would help me. I had to ask for a fitting room, and then they never came and checked on me. I realize I’m a chubby girl, but seriously: I still fit into their stuff! Rude.

*I spent a glorious hour wandering through World Market. I love that store. I bought a crap-ton of coffee. Some wine (a varietal I’d never heard of, but it’s the really light white wine. It almost looks like water in the bottle. Can’t wait to try it!). Some nummy chocolates (Chipotle Chocolate, and Bacon Chocolate), and some little gifts for the girls.

*I wonder if my brother deliberately placed his television in such a way that it was visible from the toilet. Prior to this weekend, I would have said that that was a total guy thing. But given the fact that it’s placement has enabled me to continue watching my personal “Weeds” marathon: I’m thinking the attraction is more universal than I had originally supposed.

I have so needed this time. I will be happy to head home to my family tomorrow, but I’ve needed this time. Time to reconnect with myself, time to remember who I am when I’m not “Mama” or “Mommy”. To answer to no one but myself.

Tomorrow, I’ll gladly be Mama again. But I still have about 15 hours to be whatever the hell I want. 🙂


3 Responses to “Ahhhh…so relaxed…”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I am sooo jealous of your momcation. Jealous! But I hear you on the chubby girl in VS. I hate bitchy sales associates! Also, “bacon chocolate”???? Wrong. Just wrong.

  2. beege Says:

    Honestly, the momcation is one of the better ideas I’ve ever had. I’m glad I had the guts to ask for it, and that M had the good sense to say, “Yeah, you DO need this. Go.”

    And bacon chocolate is better than it sounds. I had it about a year ago, and was pleasantly surprised at how tasty it was. 🙂 Until I’d tried it, I was skeptical, too.

  3. Sally Says:

    Ah it’s good isn’t it. This is why I come over the pond every year for a week. We NEED to do this for exactly the reason you said – to reconnect with our very own self and be responsible for no one else. I keep telling this to all my mummy friends!!

    Glad you had a break. I guarantee you’ll be happier and more chilled for ages afterwards and a better Mommy for it.

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