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I’m Going on a Momcation! August 21, 2009

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Nothing this glamorous, I’m afraid. I’m going to camp out/hermit up at my brother’s vacant college apartment. It’s a nice apartment–clean, quiet, no roommates. But it’s no tropical vacation either. As we establish this as a tradition, and our budget expands a bit, the Momcation may get more exotic. It might also become a Fab Girls Road Trip. But this year: I just need to be alone.

My mother seems completely bamboozled by my need to have time to myself. This is the same woman who is completely bamboozled by my desire to have time alone with my husband on our anniversary. These are things that if one doesn’t inherently understand the need of and for: all the explaining in the world will not clear it up. And it makes me feel sorry for her that she doesn’t understand where I’m coming from, because it says a lot about her relationship with herself (and her husband).

My plan for this blessed 36-hour break? Reading. Writing. Knitting. Blogging (yay! You get to come along with me!). Eating what I want, when I want. I’m pretty sure that Cap’n Crunch: Crunchberries will be involved in some way, shape, or form. I will drink wine, as much as I want, when I want. I will listen to the music that I want to listen to, and if I want to listen to Barber’s Adagio on repeat for 36-hours and sit and drink wine and weep: so be it. I am going to take TWO Excedrin PMs and wear earplugs, thus ensuring that I only wake up when I’m ready to do so. Or when my bladder is full.

Speaking of bladder being full: I will void myself without an audience, just to see if I still know how to do it without my girlish support group. “Mama? Are you pooping? It’s KINDA smelly.” Yes, dear one, well, you’re the one who followed me in here. You can just turn around and march your critical fanny back out again.  

I might go into town and do a little shopping. Or I might not. I’ve vaguely considered going out for a lovely dinner, all by myself, but I’m not sure if I want to. And if this weekend is about anything, it’s about not doing anything I don’t want to. Maybe I’ll get dressed tomorrow. Maybe I won’t.

I need this. I SO need this. I don’t need much of it. But I do need it. No matter what my mother thinks.



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