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On the bazillionth day: God gave motivation. August 19, 2009

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M is notoriously reluctant to do to the doctor. He likes to self-medicate whenever he can reasonably get away with it, for as long as I’m willing to tolerate the vast array of OTC pharmaceuticals, humidifiers, herbs, ointments, rubs, heating pads, cooling pads, nose strips, homeopathic nasal sprays, Ricola herbal lozenges, etc.

But you know:  there are things  you really need a doc for. Like…oh, say, something really threatening like a physical. I finally got his draggy ass into a doc over a year ago. The doc ordered base-line labs. M finally had those labs drawn a couple of weeks ago. And his doc’s office promptly started phoning, “Hi, this is so-and-so from Dr. K’s office. We really need to see M in the office as soon as is convenient.”  Being quick-witted, I quickly surmised that something alarming showed up in his labs. Being similarly quick-witted, so did M, and he dealt with the issue by NOT calling Dr. K’s office.

Finally, I made him do it. Stood there, tapping my foot, wearing my very best “Mom Face”, while he dialed and made the appointment. And thank God he did.

His blood pressure? Through the roof. His cholesterol? Taking in the view with his blood pressure. He’s young. Not even 40. He shouldn’t be having these issues. All the other labs came back fine–sugars in line, a little overweight, but not too bad, etc.

So his doc put him on something for his cholesterol, has him on a low-to-no-sodium diet, and ordered him to exercise at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week. He’s hoping that the lower sodium and exercise/resultant weight loss will bring M’s BPs in line. Because M swears he has white-coat hypertension, he also wants M tracking his BPs at home. This will be easy, because M has his very own automatic BP cuff, to help him self-medicate.

The excerise decree came down from On High on Monday. We walked Monday night, and we walked last night. And I may have finally found the motivation to exercise regularly: I’m motivated to put off being a widow for as long as possible. That boy is walking every damn day if I have anything to say about it. Even if I do look fabulous in black.


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