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If you are wise… February 7, 2008

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…and Jess ever offers to make you this, you will run–not walk–to her sweet apartment in Portland, sit on her red couch and let her feed you. Because this soup is so good, it’s almost unbelievable–hearty, spicy, warm, great texture, EASY–there’s nothing that’s not wonderful about it. I couldn’t find italian sausage, so I used Jimmy Dean’s Hot sausage. So good. Next time? I’m making a double batch. And it’s got a wonderful broth…the night we had it for dinner, I used nummy crusty sourdough bread to soak it up. The next day for lunch, I poured the pitiful amount that was left over over mashed potatoes and gloaried in the potatoey brothy goodness.

Heh. I like bringing lunches to work that make my coworkers jealous.

Not much going on. People are all kinds of pissed that I didn’t get to at least interview with the church, though I’m pretty sure that it’s not going to do me any good. At least I know I’m not over reacting in my being ticked.

Work is slow, and the clothes are cute, so I’m having a really hard time continuing my spending fast (it was really fun to have a little money left over at the end of the month, so I’m continuing my discipline…I’m amazed at what all I’m honestly able to live without. Although, in the interest of honesty? I DID buy a new lipstick at Target tonight when I had to run there to get formula–it was a color I wore years ago, I loved it, it looked great on me, but then I forgot about it, and tonight Target was clearancing it out, so at least I got a deal on it).

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday. I got to listen to the WORST Ash Wednesday sermon in my life. Gah. It’s so hard to go to church, and listen to the drek that’s coming from the pulpit and try and reconcile myself to the fact that THESE people have churches, and I don’t?! The world is whacked.

So I’m toying with the idea of writing some Lenten reflections on my blog. Anybody interested?


8 Responses to “If you are wise…”

  1. mojavi Says:

    what the heck is a lenton review?? And what was the soup you had??

  2. mojavi Says:

    ohhh and I just saw you linked to the soup… actually I have a really good soup recipie for you!

    sausage artichoke soup!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm seriously soooo good

    can of stewed flavored italian tomatoes
    can of corn
    jar of artichoke hearts
    fennel seed
    beef stock or boullion

    ohh and I can’t spell
    sorry 🙂

  3. beege Says:

    Snort. Girl, you crack me up. 🙂 I love this page design, but the links don’t show up very well.

    Lenten reflections–I’m thinking about writing reflections on Psalm 51 during Lent. I was just going to write them in my hardcopy journal, but if people are interested in some scriptural debate, to see my thoughts on how this particular scripture applies to our lives today, or come to a place where we could have some conversation about what God and religion means to us and why: I thought I could do the reflections here on the blog.

    It’s deeply self-indulgent on my part, but I thought if I made the reflections public, I might actually stick to them–sort of like the spending diet. It’s something I feel the need to do, but I know myself well enough that unless I have some point of accountability: I won’t do it.

  4. mojavi Says:


    I would love to read your reflections on Lent! YOur the closest thing I have to a pastor 🙂

  5. ~moe~ Says:

    I think Lenten reflections would be awesome – especially on Psalm 51. I’d love to read what you have to say.

  6. Julia Says:

    I say post ’em. I like things that are thought-provoking.

  7. jessmonster Says:

    I love that soup. I’ve even managed to eat most of a batch, twice, before I got sick of it (that’s the problem with cooking for 1 – full recipes last a LONG time). I’m glad you liked it.

    I also like how you talk about my red couch like you’ve been here! I feel like you have.

    Even though Orthodox Easter is a month later this year, and I haven’t started Lent yet (I’m trying to enjoy this part of the year while it lasts), I look forward to your Lenten reflections. We’ll have a tiny little bit of Lenten overlap 🙂

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