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So here’s someone I’d like to be friends with December 6, 2006

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 While decorating our Christmas tree yesterday, I put RENT in the DVD player to keep me company while I worked.

I realized anew just how big a fan I am of Jesse L. Martin. He’s good looking, he’s talented, he can sing like nobody’s business, and he seems like someone who would be so much fun to hang out with.

So if Jesse L’s people are skimming the web for information on what people are saying about him, tell him Beege says, “Hey!” and “Keep up the good work!”  (and also mention that if my photo cutting and pasting didn’t work right, I’m sorry the photo is wonkie.)

Some of you may (or may not) notice I’ve got a new buddy on my blogroll. Unequivocally Moe–she and I were schoolmates (sort of) and worked in the same office (sort of) and I’ve known her for quite a few years. She’s got a great blog, and writes with an honesty that I hope hasn’t bitten her in the butt yet (hasn’t seemed to). Check her out, tell her Beege sent you. 😉

Now I have to go. M made dinner tonight–frozen pizza and a bagged caesar salad. I’m in heaven because I didn’t have to make it, and he’s in heaven because something so ridiculously easy to prepare sounded good to me. M is a fabulous cook–all you single ladies, MARRY A MAN WHO COOKS. It’s the best thing I ever did.


One Response to “So here’s someone I’d like to be friends with”

  1. ~moe~ Says:

    Wow…thank you for the compliment! Knock on wood, my writing hasn’t bitten me in the butt and I do know that one of my bosses does read it. He used to comment but now can’t remember his password or something. Whatever.

    I’m jealous you have your tree decorated…I keep forgetting about outings I have planned so I haven’t gotten much further in my process than doing the dishes. Uffda. Good thing I’m on vacation next week.

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