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And there was playtime, and there was story time: the first day September 20, 2005

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Today was Linnea’s first day of dayschool.

In a spectacular way of getting off on the right foot: we all overslept. We don’t usually set an alarmclock, since Linnea has functioned as our alarm clock for nearly 21 months now, waking us up between 5:30 and 6:30 every morning. I woke up at 8AM (when she was supposed to be there) and said, “We have GOT to get going.” Naturally, I hadn’t packed her bag with extra clothes, the package of diapers and wipes, or filled out the immunization record on the application last night, as I had planned on having enough time this morning to do that. We managed to have her there by 8:30 (it helps that the center is across the parking lot).

For the first time in her entire life, I found my daughter to be a bit hesitant. Not a lot. But she kept coming back to me to lean on me for a few seconds before going off to play some more. But ultimately: she had a good time. She only cried when the teacher read a story about mommies and daddies, and Linnea realized that we weren’t there. But she was easily distracted and back to having fun within minutes.

And, a funny story: ‘Linnea’ was the 1,197th most popular name in 2004. That means that only one in nearly 1200 female births resulted in a child named Linnea. Our Linnea is the second Linnea in her dayschool class. Here we had prided ourselves that she would never ever have to be “Linnea LastInitial”…but she does. We actually got around that quite neatly by suggesting that the teachers call her Nea, which is what we call her at home a lot of the time. At least I do. I just think it’s amazing that with a name that unpopular, there’s two of them in her class.

When I went to pick her up, she was at story time–totally absorbed. When she saw me, she burst into tears. I couldn’t get to her fast enough and just held her and held her and held her. So while she had fun (and while I also enjoyed the time apart), we were very happy to be back together again.


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