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Curiosity killed the Beege July 19, 2005

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Questions for Dennis:

1) Your blog is titled Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule. I like it, but have no idea what in the hell it means. What in the hell does it mean? 😉

2) What was the best movie you’ve ever seen, and what made it the best? Was it the company, the location, the movie itself, some aspect of the film’s production, the smell of stale popcorn in the air, or the way your feet stuck to the floor?

3) Are you drawn to more big-budget studio films, or do you prefer the smaller independent films?

4) Oscars: good judge of Hollywood’s talent, or just a night to sit and make fun of people’s clothes?

5) When you are feeling just all depleted and wiped out, where do you go to renew and refresh and recreate yourself?

Questions for Sara Joy:

1) You are quite the world traveler. What is one place you would love to go, but haven’t yet and why?

2) Can you imagine a Kate Spade purse so ugly that you wouldn’t want to buy it?

3) You will graduate from college soon. If you could go back to your freshman year, would you choose a different course of study? Would you do anything differently?

4) Are you a Daddy’s girl? Do you think this is a good thing or not?

5) Do you think there is a “The One” for everyone, or do you think there are many people we could fall deeply in love with out there running around?


2 Responses to “Curiosity killed the Beege”

  1. All right! I love being asked questions, but I never get ones like these (it’s usually more along the lines of “Why is this file all screwed up?” or “Daddy, you wanna be Mr. Incredible or Cinderella?”) I will approach them with the appropriate gravity and answer them on my blog! Speaking of which, if you haven’t made it over there in the last day or so, I have published the second installment of what proved to be a very popular (the word “popular” should be taken with a grain of salt, considering my “vast” readership) pop quiz, and I’d love it if you, Mojavi and anyone else who reads this would stop by and take up the Challenge. It’s lots of fun– no wrong answers, just your answers.

  2. beege Says:

    Sweet! I’ll head on over!

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