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Beege Answers Dix’s Questions July 15, 2005

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I’ve been interviewed by the intrepid DixiePeach. If you would like to be interviewed by moi, just reply to this post and I’ll do my best to think up some interesting questions for you.

1. How do you feel when people say that organized religion is bad and people don’t really need it? I think they have a point…up to a point. Organized religion has fucked up a lot in its distinguished career. And because it’s organized religion, the things that it does wrong tend to garner more attention than the things it does right. Add to this the fact that so many people involved in organized religion tend to act like they’re a little above par because they’re, well, organized and then when they screw up–as they inevitibly do–they either try and pass blame, or they take a tumble from their holy perch. I’ve found that usually if someone is going to come and out say this to a person who is an ordained minister it’s because they’ve really been let down in some way by organized religion, and more often than not want me to hear what happened. And really: nine times out of ten they’ve been burned, and burned badly. If I’d been through what they’ve been through, I’d be telling organized religion to bite me, too. As far as if people really need it or not: we’re all out there making gods for ourselves. Whether its the Judeo-Christian god, or Buddha, or Joseph Smith, or the telephone pole on the corner–something in us is constantly reaching out to something divine. That’s says something to me.

2. How did you decide upon your daughter’s name? (I think it’s gorgeous!) Well, my daughter’s name is Linnea Francesca. The ‘Francesca’ part was for M’s grandmother. We knew we would use that for a middle name for a little girl. The first name was a little trickier. I liked “Leah” and I freaking LOVED “Hannah” (“Hannah Rose” actually, but M said it sounded like a stripper name). But shortly after I found out I was pregnant, the name “Lena” kept going through my head. I didn’t like it. It reminded me of all the “Ole and Lena” jokes I’d heard growing up. So I just ignored it. One night M came to me and said, “There’s this name I can’t get out of my mind if the baby is a girl. I don’t particularly like it, but it won’t go away.” I looked at him and said, “Lena, perchance?” AND IT TOTALLY WAS. Now, two people who were a little less stubborn and perhaps a little more spiritual would have taken that as a sign that we should name our baby (who did indeed turn out to be a little girl) “Lena”. We didn’t. But what “Lena” DID do was remind me of the little girl I’d babysat when I was in high school named “Linnea”. And really, “Linnea Francesca” was the only girl name that was ever in the running. Once we got it, we knew it was right. And Linnea is SO not a Hannah or a Leah. And you pronounce every letter: Linn-ay-uh. 🙂

3. Do you miss the person you were ten years ago? Not one bit. I was really fun, but I was also too afraid to really be myself and damn the consequences. I’ve been through a lot in the last decade that’s sort of brought out dimensions and colors to me that I didn’t have 10 years ago. I was still very much a girl at 20, and I wouldn’t trade the woman I am now (even with all the bumps and bruises and scars and wrinkles the interveneing 10 years have bestowed) for anything.

4. Pick the thing about which you are the most extravagant: jewelry, clothes, food, wine, electronics. All of the above. Well. Not really electronics. I don’t have to be extravagant about electronics, because M does that for me. 😉 Actually, as far as clothing goes: I’d rather have classic pieces that last than the newest and latest and greatest. Almost all my jewelry is costume or sterling, with the exception of a replica of my grandmother’s engagement ring, and my own wedding set, a few garnets and ametheysts. With food I can enjoy a fine dinner in a gourmet restaurant just as much as I enjoy macaroni and cheese and hot dogs in my kitchen with Linnea–for me, it’s more about the company than anything else. Eating is a big social event for me. So I guess I’m going to have to go with wine. I love wine. I love exploring new wines, and thinking up pairings. In fact, yesterday I spent about $50 in the wine store…and that was severely limiting myself. I could have easily spent much, much, much more than that. But my ultimate extravagance, Miss Dixie? Yarn. I’m a yarn whore.

5. How many people in the world would you literally trust with your life? Not many. I suppose I literally trusted my OB with my life, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I trust M. I trust my Dad. I feel like I should trust my Mom with my life, but as much as I love her and as much as she loves me: I really don’t. Maybe because I feel like she doesn’t really know me. Because part of me reads this question as the “life and death” trusting with my life, and part of me reads it as trusting someone to accept me for who I am, warts and all. Sort of, “This is my life. This is what my life has made me. Can you deal with that, or not?” sort of a thing.


5 Responses to “Beege Answers Dix’s Questions”

  1. Beege: I think question number three is an excellent one, and I really like/appreciate/can relate to your response to it. I think question number one is very much worth thinking about too. Some might say that the phrase “organized religion” is, if not a true oxymoron, then at least the combining of two concepts that are best left separated. I’m not sure that I would totally agree with that, but I can sure think of a lot of examples from my personal sphere of experience where the organization aspect eventually derailed, or at least severely muddled, the spirituality of religion. I love asking people questions (part of what I do on my blog), but I also love answering good ones, so if you wanna pitch five at me, I’m game!

  2. Sara Joy Says:

    Those were fascinating questions and good answers.

    I’d love to be interviewed by you- it’ll spice up my blog!

  3. Dixie Says:

    Beege, you did those questions proud! Those were really interesting answers!

    Love the story about Linnea’s name. I’m so glad I asked it.

    And I’m starting to think that I’m not so much a yarn whore as a knitting needle whore! 🙂

  4. Mojavi Says:

    Good answers 🙂 I love the last one most of all. I think the only person I trust with my life is my husband.

  5. beege Says:

    Oooo…knitting needles.

    Yeah. I hear ya on that one, too. I inherited a TON of el cheapo metal needles from my grandmother when she died, because I’m the only one in my family that knits regularly. I’m trying to slowly phase them out and replace them with the bamboo needles that I freaking LOVE.

    But part of me is sad, because when I was a kid, I’d sit at my grandmother’s feet and watch her knit. She knit so fast that the knitting needles were hot to the touch. I’m nowhere near that fast, but something about using those needles made me think that someday I could be. 😉

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