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What a day! What a day! What a day! June 13, 2005

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So: not ONLY did Linnea tell me she loves me for the first time; not ONLY did SaraJoy send us a rooster; not ONLY did M let me sleep until after 9 this morning and have pancakes waiting for me when I finally got my lazy ass out of bed…BUT, this incredible husband of mine got me a ring. It’s nothing fancy–it looks much fancier than it is–but it’s so beautiful! It’s a 3-stone CZ and sterling ring with lots and lots of filagree work. He knows that I’ve been wanting a 3-stone ring, but he also knows that I don’t like to buy diamonds because of the shadiness of the diamond trade (not to mention we can’t afford them). But this ring is just perfect! It’s gorgeous, and lovely, and gives me some SERIOUS bling, and it didn’t put us in the poorhouse, and it reminds me that no matter what sort of shit I’m going through looking for a job, as long as the three of us are together: it’s all just details. We’ll be fine. That our family is what is important.

AND: we got the proofs for our family portrait session from when we were in Texas. Not only did we have the three-generation one taken, but then we each got individual family portraits done. And I don’t hate any of them! In fact, I think I look pretty darn good! Not like I’d want a poster-sized print of the thing or anything like that, but I certainly won’t be embarassed to have it out on display (or be embarassed to have my MIL put it out on display). Which is huge for me, because usually I just pick myself apart in photos.

So, all in all: it’s been a damn fine day in Beegeland. A much needed damn fine day. I hope yours was just as nice!


3 Responses to “What a day! What a day! What a day!”

  1. Sally Says:

    Yay for M! What a sweetie. And how amazing that Linnea told you she loves you – I can’t wait for that day! Sending you a big jubilous joyful hug. Glad you had a good day!

    Sal x

  2. SaraSoup Says:

    What a great day Beege! New bling, Rosebud loving up her mommy, and pancakes!! Gold star for M. 🙂

    It will be no time and Linnea will be posting her own blog with beegerisms.

  3. Dixie Says:

    Sounds like the perfect day to me!

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