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With deepest gratitude to Penny, Ralph, and Kimberly… May 18, 2005

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…of Gaia Salon in Manhattan, Kansas. My hair no longer looks as though it was done at home. It no longer looks as if I were platinum with dark roots. It no longer looks trailer trashy.

It’s lovely! All shimmery and golden. And while at one point during the course of the four hours I spent in the salon it WAS purple (somebody mixed the color wrong): they fixed it, so it’s all good.

Yep. Four hours and three stylists later, I’m happy with my haircolor. Either I can pat myself on the back that I’ve got my own team of stylists, or it takes a village to deal with my hair. 😉

Sweet Lord, I freaking love an Aveda salon. I love they way they smell, and how they pamper you, so that even just getting a haircut feels like the height of pampering. And while the four hours DID start to drag toward the end (I was hungry and I had to pee): it was not nearly so bad as spending four hours at say a JCPenney salon.

Plus, Ralph just rocks my world. He is so awesome. I’m sort of sad I found these guys six weeks before I have to leave.


3 Responses to “With deepest gratitude to Penny, Ralph, and Kimberly…”

  1. Mojavi Says:

    where is that salon in manhattan, I used to go to the one next to Mr Goodcents 🙂

  2. Dixie Says:

    Yay! And now you’re going to look so gorgeous in the family portrait!

  3. beege Says:

    It’s on Poyntz, sort of in old downtown. When did you leave Manhattan? ‘Cuz the downtown area is sort of undergoing a renaissance and is getting some cool little trendy shops and stuff.

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