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Monday, lovely Monday! May 16, 2005

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I never thought I’d live a life that ever led me to say that Monday was my favorite day of the week.

For the first Monday in weeks, we’re not going anywhere. We’re staying home. I’m going to make M a tomato and onion salad. I’m going to clean house. I’m going to open windows and air this place out. I’m going to repot some bamboo for M. I feeling all domestic goddessy. We’ll see how long it lasts.

Linnea slept like shit last night, ergo: we all slept like shit last night. She was doing so well! Sleeping through the night! Waking later in the morning! We were all so happy and free and well rested! And then, last night: a clue! I was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, and went into the living room to collect glasses. M was watching the movie “Darkness Falls”, and who do you suppose was sitting on the floor in the midst of her toys, her eyes glued to the television screen? Yep! So I tried to gently suggest to M that perhaps she’s waking up at night because she’s having bad dreams because he’s watching things he shouldn’t be watching in front of her. I have no problem if he wants to watch a scary movie. But I DO think he doesn’t need to do it when Linnea is up and awake. She probably didn’t understand what all was going on, but a scary image is a scary image. And she knows that people running around screaming in fear is different than Elmo running around shrieking with laughter. She’s a pretty perceptive little kid.

He felt bad, because he never thought of it. I said he shouldn’t feel bad, because we have gotten used to having a baby. But now we have a little kid. We have to be more attentive to what she’s taking in. I also thought it was a bit ridiculous that “Darkness Falls” was on a Sunday night at 7PM–but it was cable, so what are you going to do? It won’t be as hard for me to modify my viewing habits (since I mainly watch stuff for her like Teletubbies, Sesame Street, and King of the Hill ;)), but there is the occasionally questionable Dr. Phil, or the racy movie or television show on HBO. But M will have a hard time. He likes all that dark, freaky, sci-fi shit. Or violence. LOVES him up some action movies.

You know, this parenting stuff? Sometimes not so fun. Always worth it. But not always fun.


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