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I want a sticker!!! April 5, 2005

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I’m a sucker for a sticker. I don’t think I ever developed past the point where children will do anything for a sticker they can wear on their shirt, because dude: if a sticker is involved as a reward, I’m SO there! When I had to get stuck a gazillion times to have blood drawn right after we found out I was peegee, I looked longingly at the “I’m BRAVE!” stickers they had on a roll next to me. I didn’t get one. But Lordy how I wanted one. ‘Cuz I WAS brave, dammit!

Anyhow. Today is voting day in Kans-ass. There’s a marriage-amendment on the ballot, which I oppose for a number of reasons not the least of which is that it is unconstitutional. I disagree strongly with attempting to legislate morality. So I was there, bright and early with my voter registration card (snort–like I needed it. We all know each other around here.). I voted, and marched to the ballot box and dropped it in and smiled at the lady, who smiled politely back…but who did NOT hand me one of those “I Voted” stickers.

Dude. I want a sticker.


One Response to “I want a sticker!!!”

  1. Dixie Says:

    I’m convinced that the world would be a happier place with peaceful, satisfied people inhabiting it if we got stickers for our little daily accomplishments. If you got a sticker every time you parked straight or held open a door for someone or for sitting still while the dental hygenist pokes the hell out of your gums, people would feel a lot more love and appreciated.

    And who wants to be the one to stir up a ruckus when they’re feeling all loved and appreciated?

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