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“Your skin needs a drink of water, not a cup of oil” March 7, 2005

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Thus spake the 2 oz. $35 container of moisturizer that is sitting on my bathroom counter. This statement makes a lot of sense to me. Who drinks oil when they’re thirsty (although to quote Bill Dautrieve from last night’s KOTH, “If people ate all their food fried, there would be no war.”)?

So, after about four days of using this moisturizer, I’ve got to give it the “Preacher Beege Seal of Approval”. Well worth the $17 per oz that it costs. Philosophy’s “Hope in a Jar”. I use the one for all skin types, because I have combo skin, but they make a formula for dry skin. I ordered mine from Sephora, but you can get it from Philosphy’s website as well. It only takes a small amount, and my skin just soaks it up–and with other moisturizers, by the end of the day my T-zone was a total oil slick…not so with Hope in a Jar. And it’s fabulous under make-up.

As long as I’m giving them all this free advertising (heh, from my ones of readers): Philosophy’s “Amazing Grace” scent it lovely. Soft. Clean. Fresh. One of those scents where you catch a whiff of it during the day and think, “Ooo! It’s me that smells so good!”

And any day that that thought flits through your head (especially as opposed to the alternative) is a good day in my book.


2 Responses to ““Your skin needs a drink of water, not a cup of oil””

  1. Poppymom Says:

    Mmmmmm … I love Philosophy. You can sometimes get special deals on their stuff at

  2. beege Says:

    As I was massaging the “Amazing Grace warming salt rub” into my legs prior to shaving this morning, I caught myself wondering, “How did I ever feel pretty without Philosophy?” Heh. They’ve got me hook, line, and sinker.

    Oh. And if you’re going to be home this afternoon: QVC is running specials on philosophy products at 2PM today. Sweet!

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